Can Liver Cancer Be Prevented?

Can Liver Cancer Be Prevented

Can Liver Cancer Be Prevented: The liver is among the most important parts of the human body. If the liver is not functioning properly, an individual will suffer from unnecessary health-related conditions. Well, here we are discussing whether liver cancer can be prevented or not. People who are dealing with that are in the state of not knowing whether they will be able to get rid of it or not. Keep reading till the end to find out about it.

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Liver Cancer Symptoms, Causes and 4 Ways to Prevent.

Liver Cancer Preventive Measures:

In this section, we are discussing all the preventive measures that people can adapt to deal with liver cancer. This includes:

1. Treating hepatitis B and C infections:

Hepatitis B and C are among the most significant risk factors for liver cancer. If a person is experiencing such an infection, it is important for them to treat it. Make sure to reach out to the doctor to get the treatment you need. Some vaccinations are also there that have been given to children after their birth.

These vaccinations help to keep them from becoming infected with hepatitis.

2. Do not rely heavily on alcohol or tobacco:

Alcohol and tobacco consumption are responsible for causing liver cancer. It is important for people to understand that they are quitting it. If they smoke regularly, there are more chances for them to suffer from life-threatening conditions like liver cancer or liver cirrhosis.

3. Lifestyle changes:

Lifestyle changes are also very important to adapt to in order to prevent liver cancer. Be sure to go for an ultrasound every 6 months. This will let you know whether your body is doing fine or not. Sometimes it happens that people do not pay attention to their health and unfortunately suffer from some health-related conditions.

4. Reduce chemical exposure:

Exposure to chemicals is also responsible for causing liver cancer. It is important for people to understand that they are not exposing themselves to such chemicals and also be in an environment where the exposure is negligible. If they are working in an environment where they are exposed to certain chemicals, there are more chances for them to suffer from liver cancer.

5. Hemochromatosis:

Hemochromatosis is one of the genetic disorders. is responsible for increasing the risk of liver cancer because when a person is going through hemochromatosis, the body absorbs too much iron from food. Too much absorption of iron is responsible for causing it.

6. Excessive steroid consumption:

Sometimes it happens that people are taking too many steroids, which affect the liver’s health. For example, if a male is taking pills related to male hormones or anabolic steroids, they are at the risk of suffering from it.

It is right to conclude that if a person is taking all the precautions, they will be able to deal with liver cancer. But it is also important that you approach the doctor promptly and get the treatment. If you are not approaching the doctor, there is no hope that you will be able to prevent it.

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Q. 1 How serious is a tumor on the liver?

Ans: The tumor on the liver is serious. Sometimes it happens that the cancerous tumor starts to affect the other organ as well. When the tumor has spread to the liver, it is termed “metastatic liver cancer.”

Q. 2 Is it possible to remove a tumor from the liver?

Ans: Right now, surgical reception is one of the treatments to adapt to remove a tumor from the liver. Some people go for liver transplantation as well. After removing the liver completely, a person will be able to recover for sure.

Q. 3 Do liver tumors grow rapidly?

Ans: Unfortunately, liver tumors grow rapidly. It is important for people to notice their condition and reach out to the doctor for treatment promptly.

Q. 4 What happens when a doctor removes part of the liver?

Ans: If the doctor removes the right side of the liver, they will also remove the gallbladder. But if they are removing part of the liver because of the tumor, the liver will regenerate with time.

Q. 5 Do I need to make dietary changes after having liver transplantation?

Ans: Dietary changes are among the mandatory changes that a person needs to make after having a liver transplant. The doctor will suggest a diet that contributes to the recovery period.