Jaundice Treatment

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Jaundice is a condition in which the skin gets yellowish tinge and there is a white tinge on the eyes. The fluids of the body can also get yellow.

The colour of our skin and whites of the eyes depends upon the levels of the waste substance of the blood. This waste substance is called Bilirubin. When the level is moderate, the skin gets yellow and when it is too high it will appear brown.

In normal condition, the bilirubin passes to the liver from the bloodstream. Thereafter, it passes through small tubes or ducts of the liver. These small tubes carry a substance ‘bile’ into the small intestine. Finally, it gets excreted from the body either through urine or stool.

When there is too much bilirubin then it can leak to the blood. This process is called hyperbilirubinemia, and it makes the skin and eyes yellow.


Generally, the jaundice is a result of an internal disorder in which either the bilirubin gets too much or the liver is not able to get rid of it. The main causes can be:

  1. Liver inflammation: When the liver is not able to conjugate and secrete bilirubin then it can result in a buildup.
  2. Bile duct inflammation: Ducts are not able to secrete bile and removal of bilirubin resulting in Jaundice.
  3. Obstruction in bile duct: Prevents liver from disposing of bilirubin to the small intestine.
  4. Hemolytic Anemia: When a large quantity of red blood cells gets broke down then the production of bilirubin gets an increase.
  5. Gilbert’s syndrome: An inherent condition which impairs the ability of enzymes to process the bile excretion.


The severity of the symptoms of jaundice depends on the causes behind it and at what pace the disease develops.

If the disease is due to infection then it would be a short-term case of jaundice. The common symptoms in this condition are:

  1. Chills
  2. High Fever
  3. Pain in the abdomen
  4. Skin colour will change to yellow
  5. Dark-yellow coloured urine and stool colour will turn to clay or white
  6. Itching or Pruritus all over the body
  7. Easy fatigability or weakness

In the case, the jaundice is not due to an infection, then you can experience symptoms such as itchy skin (pruritus), weight loss.

If the cause is pancreatic or biliary tract cancer, then the common symptom is abdominal pain. If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms then you must require the jaundice treatment from a professional gastroenterologist.


For proper jaundice treatment, the doctor will identify the severity and cause first. He will conduct a physical exam to check the bilirubin level and can also use the medical history of the patient. The abdomen and liver would be thoroughly checked to know the firmness of the liver.

If the liver is firm then it indicates cirrhosis or liver scarring, and in worst condition, the liver gets rock-hard which is the condition in cancer.

Several tests are also performed, such as:

  • Bilirubin tests
  • Full blood count or Complete blood count
  • Hepatitis A, B, and C tests
  • Abdominal Sonography

After the complete diagnosis, the doctor will move further to provide you the accurate jaundice treatment.

Jaundice Treatment

The gastroenterologists have the speciality for treating Jaundice. The treatment depends on the underlying cause. The doctor will provide certain medications.

These medicines will help in healing the liver, and if the cause is blocked bile duct then endoscopic stenting or removal of bile duct stones by endoscopy is required.

If you are looking for the best Jaundice treatment, then you must consult the expert gastroenterologist in Jaipur, Dr Shankar Dhaka. He is having a vast experience in Jaundice treatment and other gastro diseases and can provide you the complete consultation and treatment at his clinic, Jaipur Gastro.

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