Liver Biopsy Treatment

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Liver biopsy is a medical procedure in which the doctor removes a small amount of liver tissue for further analyzing in the laboratory by a pathologist.

The biopsy find out the presence of abnormal cells in the liver such as cancer cells or to find diseases like liver cirrhosis.

The liver is amongst the vital organs of our body. It produces certain protein and enzymes required for metabolic processes and also remove impurities from the blood. Any problem in the liver can degrade your overall health.

Why Liver Biopsy procedure is performed?

Generally, the liver biopsy is performed so that the doctor can identify whether the disease you are suffering from is because of an infected, inflamed or cancerous liver. These diseases include:

  • Digestive system diseases
  • Consistent abdominal pain
  • Right upper quadrant abdominal mass
  • Unexperienced jaundice

Liver biopsy is required when there are abnormal results from the other liver tests, or you are suffering from unexplainable fevers, there is a tumour or mass on the liver.

There are certain imaging tests such as CT scans and X-rays but they can’t distinguish between cancerous and non-cancerous cells. Therefore, the doctor do a biopsy.

The certain common conditions for which the doctor conduct a liver biopsy are:

  1. Liver diseases
  2. Autoimmune hepatitis
  3. B & C hepatitis
  4. Hemochromatosis (Excessive iron in the blood)
  5. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
  6. Primary Biliary Cirrhosis
  7. Wilson Disease

How to get ready for Liver Biopsy Procedure?

Liver biopsy procedure doesn’t require as such preparation. However, the doctor may asks you for:

  1. A physical examination and ask you for complete medical history
  2. No medicine consumption before the biopsy procedure.
  3. Blood testing
  4. Don’t eat food and drink nothing except water 8 hours before the procedure.

Liver Biopsy Procedure

There are 3 different types of biopsies:


It also refers as needle biopsy as it involves putting a needle into the liver through the abdomen. It is also one of the most common biopsies.


In this procedure, the doctor makes a small incision at the neck. There is a thin flexible tube in the neck’s jugular vein into the liver. It is for those people who have bleeding problems.


In this technique, tube-like instruments collects the sample from the abdomen.

The anaesthesia type that the doctor will give you depends on which type of biopsy you will undergo. The percutaneous and transjugular anaesthesia use local anaesthesia while laparoscopic use general anaesthesia.

When the biopsy will get complete, the doctor will stitch and bandage all the wounds properly.

After the Liver Biopsy Procedure

After the sample was taken, it will be sent to the laboratory for further testing. It can take up to a few weeks.

When the doctor will get results, he will tell you the results and will share the follow-up treatment with you.

Dr Shankar Dhaka is having a vast experience of performing 1000+ Liver biopsies with successful results. He can also provide you with the other gastro treatments along with liver biopsy at his clinic Jaipur Gastro, Jaipur.

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