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Best Quality Gastro & Liver Treatments

Get treatment for wide range of Gastro & Liver diseases by the renowned Gastro Enterologist in Jaipur, Dr. Shankar Dhaka

Painless Liver Biopsy

Our doctor provides the precise liver biopsy for identify the nature of your liver disease.

Latest Technology and Equipments For Treatment

At JaipurGastro, we take the use of advanced medical technology to provide you the effective & best treatment for your diseases.

Gastro Treatments

Dr. Shankar Dhaka, the Best Gastroenterologist in Jaipur, provides you the right treatment for your abdominal or gastro disease with ultimate care. Dr. Shankar Dhaka is having excellence in treating wide range of digestive diseases such as:

Dr Shankar Dhaka is Best Gastroenterologist, Hepatologist & Endoscopist

Dr. Shankar Dhaka

DM – Gastroenterologist, Hepatologist & Endoscopist

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10:00am - 2:00pm

Manipal Hospital Jaipur

Liver Treatment

In addition to the Gastro treatments, Dr. Shankar Dhaka (Gastroenterologist in Jaipur), is having vast experience in providing various liver diseases treatments such as:

Meet our Specialists

At Jaipur Gastro, you will get treatment from the best Gastroenterologist in Jaipur, Dr. Shankar Dhaka (Gastro and Liver Specialist), who is having vast experience of Gastro & liver diseases treatment.

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Dr. Shankar Dhaka

Dr Shankar Dhaka is a reputed Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist in Jaipur with vast experience in the field of Digestive diseases, Liver related diseases & Advanced endoscopic procedures He is the visiting Gastroenterologist in most of the leading hospitals in Jaipur

DM – Gastroenterologist, Hepatologist & Endoscopist
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Dr. Anubha Maan

Dr. Anubha Maan is a highly experienced dentist with nearly 10 years of experience including rotating internship. She has been working constantly and conducting camps with renowned private clinic for the past four years and seven months. She has always been the part of social welfare camps also.

Dental Specialist
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