Liver Cancer Symptoms, Causes and 4 Ways to Prevent.

Liver Cancer

According to experts, liver cancer is the third leading cause of death from any other type of cancer. If you want to avoid liver cancer, then know its causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention measures.

Liver is the second largest organ of the body, you must have known that. It is located behind the ribs on the right side of the abdomen. The liver has two parts. The liver performs many such functions, which keep you healthy. Works to remove harmful substances from the blood. It also manufactures enzymes and bile which helps in digestion of food.

There are many reasons for liver damage, in which smoking, alcohol addiction, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, eating disorders etc. are responsible. Your liver suffers from many diseases, the most serious of which is liver cancer.

What is Liver Cancer?

According to experts, liver cancer is the third largest cause of death from any other type of cancer. If you want to avoid liver cancer, include more amounts of vitamin E in your diet. Liver cancer can be avoided to a great extent by consuming more vitamin E. For this, along with vitamin E supplement, you should consume a vitamin E-rich diet.

Liver Cancer Symptoms

1 weight loss. Pain while urinating. 

2 Loss of appetite, vomiting, fever, enlarged spleen, abdominal swelling, etc. 

3 Feeling very full even after eating less.

4 Complaints of pain or swelling in the upper right part of the abdomen. 

5 Yellowing of the skin and eyes, also known as jaundice.

Causes of

  • Severe infection with hepatitis B or C. 
  • Cirrhosis. Diabetes. 
  • Having a fatty liver. 
  • More obesity. 
  • Smoking or consuming alcohol.

Diagnosis And Treatment

To find out about the treatment of liver cancer, you can find out by doing CT or MRI scan, liver biopsy or blood test etc. Treatment of liver cancer is easily possible only when treatment is started after identifying its early symptoms in the patient’s body. If this is not done, the cancer reaches its terrible stage, due to which the patient’s life can also be lost. 

Surgery is used in the treatment of liver cancer, so that it can be stopped from growing. Generally, cancer cells are more likely to spread from one part of the body to another. To detect this in advance, a person should be conscious of his health and pay attention to what physical problems he is facing. Liver cancer is treated with radiation therapy, chemotherapy, liver transplant, surgery, etc.

4 Tips For Prevention from Liver Cancer

1. Have Sex Sparingly:

Avoid having physical relations with anyone who is affected by the papilloma virus. Its virus is going to spread, so make physical relations only after thinking. It can also cause cancer.

2. Abstinence from alcohol and smoking:

By reducing the consumption of alcohol and smoking, you can also avoid liver cancer to a great extent. Apart from this, the problem of cirrhosis in the liver is caused by the consumption of alcohol, which later causes cancer.

3. Focus on food:

Some types of cancer that spread to the liver, such as colon, breast and lung cancer, can also be related to your diet. It would be better for you not to let the weight gain. Keep your body weight balanced. Eat a diet rich in fiber and low in saturated fat. Eat whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

4. Eat spinach

Spinach is very healthy. You can eat it in any form of salad, vegetable, or soup. Spinach contains both soluble and insoluble fiber, which are useful for the digestive system. It contains a sufficient amount of vitamin E, which helps in protecting against liver cancer.

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