What level of jaundice is dangerous?

What levels of jaundice is dangerous

What level of Jaundice is dangerous: Jaundice is a condition that is caused by high levels of bilirubin (a yellow pigment) in the blood. High Bilirubin can be caused by various diseases, such as hepatitis C and cancer, but it is most commonly caused by liver cirrhosis. Jaundice can be a very uncomfortable condition, and it can make it difficult to see clearly. There are many ways to treat jaundice, but some people may need to take medication indefinitely.

But sometimes it happens that people are not aware of the level of Jaundice they are suffering with. Usually, it is mild but sometimes the level is not under control and it can turn out to be a dangerous condition. In this article, we are discussing the level of Jaundice that could be dangerous so keep reading to the last. Let’s have a look!

What level of Jaundice is dangerous in 2022?

In general, the condition of Jaundice is mild. But if the level of bilirubin is around 20 it can be a dangerous condition. However, this condition is quite rare to notice. It is important for individuals to reach out to the doctor as soon as possible because the high levels can cause other complications.

What are the symptoms of high bilirubin?

When a person is dealing with high bilirubin levels there are some symptoms that they may experience. This includes:

  • abdominal pain or swelling
  • weakness
  • light-headedness
  • unusually dark urine
  • fatigue
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • chills
  • fever
  • chest pain

There is a possibility they may experience some other conditions as well and that’s why it is important to reach out to the doctor as soon as possible.

Tips to prevent jaundice in 2022:

There are certain tips that individuals can consider to prevent jaundice. These steps are also helpful in case they are suffering from it. These are as follows:

1. Nutrition-rich diet:

First of all, it is important for a person to understand that they are taking a nutrition-rich diet. That it must be having all the essential components so that they will be able to fight the jaundice condition. But some old wives’ tales suggest not having yellow food throughout your recovery period and do not add turmeric to any of the food you are eating.

2. Sunlight exposure:

Sunlight exposure is also helpful in dealing with Jaundice and it is advisable to stay and the sunlight for 10 to 15 minutes. The 10-to-15-minute duration is for children. But adults can stay for 10 to 25 minutes at their convenience.

3. Vitamin B12 injections:

Vitamin B12 injections are also helpful in dealing with Jaundice in adults. It is helpful in maintaining the bilirubin levels and allows the individual to be fine. The recommended dose will be suggested by the doctor only.

4. Take your medications timely:

It is important for individuals to take their medications timely because in case they are avoiding the medication they will not be able to deal with the condition. Ask the doctor how long you need to consume the medication so that things will be under control.

Whom to approach for Jaundice treatment?

If you are someone dealing with Jaundice and have no clue about the doctor you can approach then reach Dr. Shankar Dhaka.

He is one of the Best Gastroenterologists in Jaipur you can approach for such conditions. He will help you to know about your condition in detail and suggest preventive tips as needed. The best part is he never suggests medication unnecessarily so you can simply trust him for the treatment. Just let him know about the condition you are going through so that he can understand what he needs to do and suggest everything else!


Q.1 – Is jaundice condition treatable?

Answer – Jaundice condition is treatable with the right preventive tips and medication. Ask the doctor what you need to do so that you can deal with that easily.

Q.2 – When should I worry about jaundice?

Answer – If the skin appears to be yellow and you feel like the liver is not functioning fine this is the condition where you need to worry about Jaundice.

Q.3 – How long does it take for Jaundice to go away?

Answer – Within 1 to 2 weeks jaundice will go away with the right preventive tips and medication.

Q.4 – Can sunlight help with Jaundice?

Answer – For newborn babies suffering from Jaundice sunlight is really very good but always provide them a safe exposure to sunlight to avoid health problems that may lead to permanent brain damage or death.

Q.5 – Do babies with Jaundice sleep a lot?

Answer – There are some cases where babies with jaundice sleep a lot. This condition happens because the liver is not in an appropriate condition to function properly.

Q.6 – How long does a baby have to stay in the hospital for Jaundice?

Answer – For 2 to 3 days doctors consider keeping the baby under observation when they are dealing with Jaundice.