What is the Best Treatment for Liver Cirrhosis in 2022

Treatment for liver cirrhosis

Liver cirrhosis is a disease in which scar tissue replaces the healthy liver cells, and as a result, the liver stops functioning. It is a progressive disease, and with time, it contributes to a lot of problems. There will be continuous damage to the liver, which interferes with its activity. With time the condition becomes serious, and it becomes necessary to approach the doctor for liver cirrhosis treatment in Jaipur.

Some people have so many thoughts about the treatment of liver cirrhosis and feel like it is incurable. But this is not the truth. Let’s have a look at all the treatments to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Treatment for liver cirrhosis:

Before moving for treatment, it is important to identify the stage. If it is diagnosed in the early stage, then medicines will be helpful in treating it. Some other treatments include:-

Alcohol dependency treatment:

Alcohol dependency treatments for those patients who are suffering from liver cirrhosis for a very long time, and it happens due to heavy alcohol consumption. In this stage, a patient needs to stop drinking, and doctors will recommend a program for treating alcohol dependency.


Doctors will come up with medicines that are responsible for controlling the damage that happens due to hepatitis B or Hepatitis C. These medicines control the liver cell damage and let a person feel relaxed.

Injection sclerotherapy:

Injection sclerotherapy is the treatment doctor suggests after endoscopy. They inject the substance into the viruses, which trigger the blood clot and scar tissue to form. As a result, there will be bleeding, which interferes with the formation of scar tissue.


Banding is the treatment in which the doctor plays a small band around the varices base to control bleeding.

Sengstaken Blakemore tube with a balloon:

In the street mint, there will be a balloon placed at the end of the tube. In this case, the tube goes down to the stomach through the throat, and the balloon will be inflated. It puts some pressure on the varices, and as a result, bleeding will be stopped.


These are the basic treatments that doctors consider for a patient suffering from liver cirrhosis. It could be fatal as well. We suggest you not avoid it at all. Approach the Gastroenterologist in Jaipur immediately so that they can come up with the best treatment for it. If it grows with time, it will become difficult to cope up with it, and doctors will not going to answer about anything at all.