Liver Cancer: Symptoms and Causes

Liver Cancer Symptoms and Causes

Liver cancer is a type of cancer in which cancer cell formation takes place in the liver. We all are aware that it is the largest glandular organ in the body and is highly efficient in performing all the critical functions for keeping the body free from harmful substances and toxins. But if liver cancer takes place, a person will not be able to get rid of these toxins. Individuals approach a Gastroenterologist in Jaipur to know about the problem arising with their liver and then start with the treatment.

In this read, we will focus on symptoms and causes of liver cancer so that it will be efficient for you to know whether the problem you are facing is due to any issue or something big that might take place.

Symptoms of liver cancer:

Before we take out the symptoms of liver cancer, it is essential to know that some people do not experience even a single symptom in the initial stages. But if any of the symptoms appear, then these are as follows:

Pain in the abdominal area:

Pain in the abdominal area is the primary symptom that indicates liver cancer. Sometimes abdominal pain is due to uncommon issues as well. But if it is persistent and you are not even able to get rid of it, then approaching the doctor having liver cancer treatment in Jaipur will be the option to consider.


The weakness comes like a gift in the initial stages when the cancerous cell starts to multiply. A stage will arise when you are not even able to engage in your regular activities. Sometimes a person will not be able to get up from bed. Weakness is worse in the case of liver cancer.

Weight loss:

Weight loss is very common when the liver is not working properly. You will notice a sudden fall in weight, and it will be unidentifiable. It is essential for individuals to pay attention to their appetite because appetite loss will also take place, which is a reason for weight loss.


Jaundice is the condition in which skin appears to be yellow, and eyes become whitish. Sometimes if a person has not paid attention to the jaundice condition, it may lead to liver cancer. You can approach Dr. Shankar Dhaka if there is such a problem rising. He has expertise in treating people suffering from jaundice and liver cancer, and other liver problems too.

Change in stools:

There will be some change in stools as well. The stools may appear to be whitish or chalky. Pay attention to all the changes happening in your body because you cannot ignore any of the problems arising.


Vomiting and frequent feeling of vomiting will be there if the cells are multiplying uncontrollably. Don’t take any medicine without the prescription of the doctor because it could be due to any other problems as well. Just approach the doctor and ask him how you can get rid of it.

Causes of liver cancer:

Knowing about the causes of liver cancel these majorly happens when there is a sudden change in the mutation of DNA. The cells may begin to grow uncontrollably and form a tumor. A mass of Cancer cells will get formed in the liver, which is considered for identifying the same. Moreover, people suffering from chronic hepatitis infections and untreated jaundice are at higher risk of liver cancer development.

Here we have shared all the symptoms and causes related to liver cancer. If you are facing any trouble, don’t create any delay and approach the doctor as soon as possible. You can get in touch with Dr. Shankar Dhaka because he is one of the most renowned doctors in Jaipur, having the best treatment available for liver cancer.