How long does jaundice last in adults?

how long does jaundice last in adults

how long does jaundice last in adults: Jaundice is a term most commonly used in the medical field to describe a condition that can develop when the body’s red blood cells become sick. The cause of jaundice is not fully understood, but it often results from an infection or injury. However, it is a condition that can be caused by a variety of things, including infection, inflammation, or old age. It can be the yellowing of the skin and eyes, dark circles under the eyes, or a general feeling of heaviness. It is often accompanied by fever and vomiting. When this happens, it can affect different parts of the body and can make it difficult to diagnose.

When people reach the doctor for a diagnosis He suggest some medication that helps them to deliver that. If you are an adult dealing with Jaundice it is important to know for how long will it last. Keep reading as we will help you to know how long will it last and the tips that you can consider to deliver that. Let’s have a look!

How long does Jaundice last in adults in 2022?

It is important to understand that the duration of Jaundice last in adults depends on the type of Jaundice they are suffering with. In case they get the diagnosis in the acute phase there is a possibility it will last for a few months only. But if they get the diagnosis at the chronic stage then it will last for around 8 to 12 months.

The duration can only be decided after the diagnosis of the condition. But on average 6-to-8-month duration is a must for adults to deal with Jaundice conditions.

Tips to consider to deal with Jaundice in adults:

There are some tips that people can consider to deal with jaundice and these includes:

1. Natural sunlight:

Be in natural sunlight for a while as sun rays act as a natural remedy to deal with Jaundice. But it is advisable to soak the sun rays in the morning time around 7 to 8 a.m. Because after that in summer season these appear to be scratching and you can’t resist standing in sunlight.

2. Goat milk:

Goat milk is among the nutritious drink for people dealing with Jaundice. It has all the while antioxidants helpful in fighting its effect of it.

3. Sugarcane juice:

Sugarcane juice is helpful in strengthening the liver and promoting proper functioning. If people having jaundice drink sugarcane juice regularly they will see the benefits for sure.

4. Ginger:

Ginger is in use for a very long time and is famous for its medicinal properties. It is enriched with all the vital antioxidants and being hypolipidemic it helps the liver to be healthy and function properly. It also combats the effect of Jaundice.

5. Tomatoes:

Tomatoes are also very famous for people dealing with Jaundice. It is enriched with lycopene which is among the potent antioxidants that help people with the detoxification of the liver and cure jaundice.

6. Tulsi or basil leaves:

Tulsi or basil leaves are available in every home and these turn out to be a perfect remedy to treat jaundice. These are having hepatoprotective properties which are helpful in improving and fighting the infection.


Home remedies are best to consider when you have gone for medical checkups as well. Without a check-up do not consider yourself to be a victim of Jaundice at all. Take your medication regularly so that it will be easier for you to deal with it. After consuming the medication if you are experiencing any particular problem let the doctor know about it so that he can analyze what is the actual cause behind the same.

Whom to approach for Jaundice treatment?

If you are in confusion about the doctor you can approach for Jaundice treatment don’t feel confused and reach out to Dr. Shankar Dhaka.

He is one of the best doctors for Jaundice treatment in Jaipur you can approach. Discuss with him the condition you are going through so that he can suggest to you what you can do and what you cannot. It is important for you to tell him about your regular routine so that it will be easier for him to finalize how things can go in your case. Also, consider all the recommendations he is giving to get rid of the condition as soon as possible.

FAQ: How long does Jaundice last in Adults

Q.1 – Will my jaundice ever go away?

Answer – Yes. jaundice goes away on its own. But sometimes it is important for you to get the medication that is helpful in lowering the bilirubin levels.

Q.2 – Is jaundice serious in adults?

Answer – There is a possibility that jaundice is an indication of some liver disease the adult may be dealing with. That’s why it is important to reach out to a doctor for a diagnosis.

Q.3 – What is the main cause of Jaundice in adults?

Answer – The main cause of Jaundice in adults are in linked to some liver diseases including Hepatitis, gallstones, and tumors. That’s why it is important to reach the doctor for treatment.

Q.4 – What are the three types of Jaundice?

Answer – The Three Types of Jaundice are:

  • Pre-hepatic: before the liver.
  • Hepatic: in the liver.
  • Post-hepatic: after the liver.

Q.5 – How do you check for Jaundice at home?

Answer – To check jaundice at home press gently the forehead or nose and see if it looks yellow where you have pressed. If it appears to be a load there is a possibility you might be dealing with jaundice. Apart from it check the eyes and skin color. If it appears to be yellow then you need the diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.