What are the causes of chronic Pancreatitis?

causes of chronic Pancreatitis

Causes of Chronic Pancreatitis: We are in a generation where health-related problems are very common, and people, due to bad lifestyles and other factors, suffer from such conditions a lot. However, in this read, we will help you to know about the causes of chronic pancreatitis in detail.

There is a possibility that you might be aware what are the causes of chronic pancreatitis but not sure about these are true or not. To help you with the same problem, here we are discussing it in detail. Keep reading till the last to avoid any such confusion and get the right treatment as well.

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What is Chronic Pancreatitis:

Chronic pancreatitis is a condition in which severe damage to the pancreas takes place. It turns out to be a situation where the body is not working properly. As we all know pancreas is one of the most important organs of the body, and it is much needed for the production of enzymes and hormones.

But when the pancreas is not working fine, it results in malnutrition because a person is not in the state to digest the food. It is also responsible for causing some of the most dangerous diseases, including diabetes.

However, there is no permanent cure for chronic pancreatitis available. But with some lifestyle changes and adapting some medications to deal with its symptoms, a person will be able to get rid of it.

7 Causes of Chronic Pancreatitis:

In this section, we discuss the causes of chronic pancreatitis in detail:

1. Attack of acute pancreatitis leading to damage:

Sometimes it happens that a person is dealing with acute pancreatitis due to which there is damage to the pancreatic duct that turns out to be the chronic pancreatitis condition. In this case, the digestive enzymes are not travelling normally by the tubes inside the pancreas and empty into the upper intestine. The inflammation is responsible for causing pain.

2. Blockage of main pancreatic duct:

Usually, it happens that when a person is dealing with pancreatic cancer, there is a possibility of a blockage of the main pancreatic duct taking place. This again leads to inflammation of the pancreas. Initially, the condition is acute, but with time the condition becomes worse, and it turns out to be chronic pancreatitis.

3. The hereditary disease of the pancreas:

If a person has a history of pancreas disease, there are more chances for him to develop pancreatitis. There is no surety at which age the condition will get develop. But the chances are still high, and a person needs to be sure about the lifestyle which they are adapting to prevent it.

4. Certain autoimmune disorders:

Autoimmune disorders are also responsible for causing chronic pancreatitis. Due to these autoimmune disorders, the immunity system is not working fine, due to which a person experiences a lot of difficulties. In that case, it is important to reach out to the doctor and get the treatment as soon as possible because, with time, the condition will get worst, and treating it will turn out to be difficult.

5. Cystic fibrosis:

Cystic fibrosis also turns out to be one of the major causes of pancreatitis, and in most cases, it happens that a person is not in the state to know about it, and when the condition gets worse, they only know about it.

6. Smoking:

Smoking has a negative effect on the body, and the nicotine in smoking is responsible for causing inflammation of the pancreas. Inflammation of the pancreas initially does not develop too much. But with a regular smoker, this turns out to be one of the most difficult situations and dealing with it is very difficult. Until and unless the major symptoms are not developed, a person cannot know about it.

7. Some unknown causes:

There are some conditions where no available cause is in consideration for causing chronic pancreatitis. And a person gets diagnosed with it when they develop some symptoms. This is one of the most difficult situations for people to handle because they have no surety about what is happening inside their bodies.

Following are the causes of chronic pancreatitis, and we hope right now you are aware of it. In case there is any difficulty you are facing, reach out to the doctor timely so that there will be no further complications and you can get rid of it as soon as possible.

Tell the doctor about all the problems you are facing. So that he can analyze what the actual cause behind your condition is. For sure, after diagnosing it, you will be able to get rid of it, and living your life will turn out to be easier for you.

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What is Chronic Pancreatitis?

FAQ: Causes of Chronic Pancreatitis

Q. 1 Is there any treatment available for chronic pancreatitis?

Ans: Treatment is available for chronic pancreatitis, but there is no permanent cure for it. But with the help of medication, a person will be able to deal with the symptoms.

Q. 2 How long can chronic pancreatitis last?

Ans: There is a possibility that the episodes of chronic pancreatitis may last for weeks or longer. A person will experience constant pain, which is again one of the most traumatizing situations for them.

Q. 3 Can a person live a long life with chronic pancreatitis?

Ans: The effects of chronic pancreatitis last for so many days, and if a person is not paying attention to the lifetime changes, they will not be able to live a longer life. Therefore, it is important for people to make the right changes in life.

Q. 4 Can stress cause chronic pancreatitis?

Ans: Stress turns out to be one of the major factors for people to face some difficulties. Likewise, chronic pancreatitis also comes in the same group. Stress sensitizes the exocrine pancreas responsible for causing this condition.

Q. 5 How do you know if you have chronic pancreatitis?

Ans: There are so many symptoms that indicate the condition of chronic pancreatitis. It includes sudden acute abdominal catastrophe to mild episodes of deep epigastric pain.

Q. 6 Who is the best doctor for chronic pancreatitis treatment in Jaipur?

Ans: Dr. Shankar Dhaka is the best doctor for chronic pancreatitis treatment in Jaipur.