Acute Liver Failure: Symptoms And Causes.

Acute Liver Failure Symptoms And Causes

Acute Liver failure is a condition in which the liver stops working suddenly. It majorly happens when a person has an overdose of some medicine or consumes poisoning. If the same happens, an individual needs to approach a Gastroenterologist in Jaipur immediately so that they will be able to get rid of it.

Here in this read, we will explore about symptoms and causes of acute liver failure and other factors which a person must consider if this problem arises.

Symptoms of acute liver failure:


Diarrhea is one of the major symptoms of acute liver failure. If you are suffering from it, then don’t delay in approaching the doctor for acute liver failure treatment in Jaipur. He will suggest you some medicines to get rid of it.


You will feel tired all the time. It doesn’t matter whether you have engaged in any activities throughout the day or not. This is a major problem that people face.


You will have a feeling of nausea all the time. It refers to stomach discomfort and sensations that you have a need to vomit whatever you have consumed. It is a precursor to vomiting the content inside the stomach.

Loss of appetite:

Loss of appetite will take place, and you will have no mood to eat something. It feels like you are withdrawing yourself from consuming food.

Discomfort on the right side below the ribs:

People suffering from acute liver failure have pain on the right side below the ribs. They face some discomfort which does not let them feel relaxed at all.


When the liver is not working properly, a jaundice problem will take place. Make sure if you are suffering from jaundice, you are not ignoring it at all.

Vomiting blood:

During acute liver failure, people start to vomit blood as well. This is a serious condition. You can’t ignore it at all. Just approach the doctor immediately if the problem is arising.

Cause of acute liver failure:

  • Consumption of excess acetaminophen leads to acute liver failure. It is usually present in painkillers, and people who consume painkillers on a regular basis are at higher risk of developing acute liver failure.
  • Apart from it, if a person is suffering from some infections, including hepatitis, herpes simplex virus, or Wilson disease, they are also at risk of facing acute liver failure.
  • Last but not least, if there is poor blood flow to the liver, then also acute liver failure will take place. Not to ignore this condition because it makes costs your life as well.

Here we have discussed symptoms and causes related to acute liver failure. If you are suffering from any liver infection or any other problem, then approach Dr. Shankar Dhaka in Jaipur immediately. He is among the Best Gastroenterologist in the town and helps you to get rid of the problem is lead. He will not suggest you unnecessary medicines until and unless it is important. After diagnosing the condition hi start with the best possible treatment available.