7 Symptoms of Hepatitis in 2022

symptoms of hepatitis

Hepatitis is a common problem with the liver. It describes inflammation of the liver and happens due to viral infection or liver damage due to alcohol consumption. People noticing some symptoms approach gastroenterologists in Jaipur for further advice. But it is also important to know about symptoms of hepatitis so that one can seek immediate medical help and treat it.

7 Symptoms of Hepatitis:

Muscle and Joint Pain:

Muscle and joint pain is the primary symptom of hepatitis. It majorly affects ligaments, bones, tendons, or muscles. These indicate the inflammation which happens due to the body’s autoimmune response to the virus. Doctors determine about it through a blood test.

Loss of Appetite:

Loss of appetite is also related to hepatitis. When the illness begins, a person notices the same. Even though it’s been a long time since they consumed something, they are still not feeling hungry. The general feeling of unwellness is also accompanied by it.

High Temperature:

There is a slight temperature rise. This slight temperature rise indicates inflammation which happened due to the hepatitis virus. For the diagnosis, doctors send a person for a blood test and conclude about it. Doctors having hepatitis treatment in Jaipur always begin with a blood test for better understanding.

Feeling and Being Sick:

There is a constant feeling of being sick. But in reality, a person is sick, and this is happening due to the autoimmune response of the hepatitis virus affecting the liver. They are feeling tired and have a feeling to lie in bed all the time. Majorly people are not eager to engage in any activity as tiredness has surrounded them or they are feeling sick.

Abdominal Pain:

Abdominal pain or discomfort is really very common. This majorly happens when bile production is restricted and inflammation of the gallbladder takes place. It is the response to the hepatitis virus which causes pain and cramping. Majorly people notice it in the upper right abdomen.

Dark Urine:

There will be a change in urine color, and it appears to be dark. The dark urine is an indicator of hepatitis. It majorly happens due to jaundice.


Jaundice is the condition when skin and eyes appear to be yellow and stool becomes light in color. It is a short-lived condition but, if not cured, leads to serious illness.

Following are the symptoms of hepatitis, and after noticing them, it is important to approach the doctor timely. Approach Dr. Shankar Dhaka in Jaipur as he is the Best gastroenterologist and helps you to get rid of the problem with the best possible medications and treatment!

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